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NC State’s Art2Wear 2013

Posted on Nov 16, 2013 | 0 comments

Client: North Carolina State University, College of Design

Contribution: Photographer, Animator, Compositor

Project Duration: 4 weeks (Grand total)

Equipment: Canon T3i, 50mm Lens, 18-55mm Lens, 24-70mm Lens, 8mm Fisheye Lens

Software: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop


So I’m a little late on this post due to trying to get some unfinished projects finished since this past summer. Now that I have some time on my side I can post what I’ve been up to lately!
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This past spring I had the opportunity to help out in the 2013 Art2Wear student fashion show at the College of Design, NC State University. Last year I was solely a motion graphics artist for the show (check out what I done last year here), this year however, I wore a few more hats. Around that time I had been getting more into photography, in addition to taking a class for it (view my work here). As part of the class we had to photograph one of the designers for the show and their clothing line up as well. This was my first official photoshoot, and I must say it was pretty fun. Myself and another photographer took a boat load of images and got some really good results. During the photoshoots we were filmed by one of the documentary artist for the show, so I will most likely be on the DVD when it comes out!

Secondly I worked with the photography chair for the show, a good friend, Ben Scott. You can check his work out here. He approached me with the idea of combining photographs of the models in their outfits with compositied 3D imagery. It was a great idea so I got to work! Each designer had a different theme so we brainstormed a ton of ideas for each and ended up choosing the ones we felt captured the theme the best. During this photoshoot I played around some with trying to make a HDRI of the room the shoot took place in. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the whole room with the 360 lens I was using, but it was a good test. I ended up lighting everything traditionally. In total I created models and composited imagery into 4 of the 8 photos chosen. The other four were done completely in Photoshop by Ben since it didn’t make sense to create those items in 3D. The images can be seen above.

Lastly, since Ben was also one of the documentary artist for the show, he asked me for an animated version of the glass flower I created for one of the composited photos. It was my first time simulating a crash, but I think it came out OK, especially since I only had a couple of days to get it out. I kept it pretty short by having 2 shots. Since I only had a few seconds for the animation to fit to music, I felt having 2 shots of the break would give me liberty to make the crash be a little quicker. I initially tried it all in 1 shot, but it felt too rushed.  I ended up rendering 5 passes (Diffuse, Occlusion, Specular, Shadow, and Luminance) and used soft bodies in Maya for the physics on most of the shards. Other groups of shards were hand animated since they never hit the ground in the time frame of the shots. Playing with the dynamics was really fun, I should do another dynamics shot for fun when I have time again. The video and breakdown can be seen above.

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